One modern way to ease muscular pain is Dry Needling. It requires inserting several short stainless steel needles into your skin (the method is called dry because no fluid is injected). It targets the “trigger points”, which can help stimulate your body’s own natural healing process. 

Here at MVMT Osteo, we perform Dry Needling to people who experience pain in their lower back, neck and shoulders. This treatment can be used with other physiotherapy methods to help with pain relief, improved mobility and faster recovery from injury. 

Professional and safe dry needling

This modern treatment requires training and expertise, especially high-level knowledge of local anatomy and clinical science. Also, the procedure requires strict practices regarding sanitation and disinfection to ensure patients’ safety. 

Our professional practitioners here at MVMT Osteo have expertise in biomechanics and clinical science. They also follow strict practices about ensuring safety before, during and after the procedure. For example, we disinfect the skin in the treatment region and we ensure that the work area is always clean and clutter-free. 

Dry needling complements our other services such as osteopathy and injury rehabilitation. We always draw from our updated knowledge and extensive experience whenever we work with each patient. The result is always a detailed, tailored and science-backed program for pain relief and injury recovery. 

What should you expect from your first dry needling?

In your first session, it’s normal to feel a slight prick and some discomfort because of the thin needles being inserted into your skin. The sensation will quickly fade away. Usually it’s a quick session, from 15 to 45 minutes. 

How long does it take for dry needling to take effect?

After just one session and within 24 hours, it’s possible that you’ll immediately experience less pain and improved mobility. But for the positive effects to last, you might need to undergo two or more weekly treatments. 

As your condition improves, we will continue to modify and tailor the treatment and overall recovery program. We will continuously make assessments so that you can quickly get back to being active again and move forward with your life.