Dr. Adam Chew

Osteopath | Strength Coach

I completed my double degree in Bachelor of Clinical Science and Masters of Health Science (Osteopathy) at Victoria University.

Health, movement and rehab have always been an interest of mine from a young age. I love that Osteopathy treats the person and not just the signs and symptoms, as everyone has different goals and will need different forms of management and intervention. I believe that it is important to not only look at what’s causing the pain but to also assess and improve any functional restrictions that you may have in your day to day activities without eliminating anything meaningful.

As an avid powerlifter and competitor, I understand what is required to fully optimise each individual’s potential to achieve new heights of health and performance goals.

Whether you’re suffering from unresolved aches and pains, sport or lifting injuries, we will endeavour to ensure that you gain a thorough understanding of the root cause of your symptoms and what you can do outside of treatment to facilitate recovery.

As rehab programs are not a one size fits all, I believe that my point of difference is tailoring specific rehab programs or mobility drills for each individual while providing education to my patients regarding their pain.
I treat using a combination of soft tissue technique, dry needling, joint manipulation, MET, with a huge emphasis on rehab and exercises.


  • Jamie Smith’s Mentorship | Melbourne Strength Culture
  • Biomechanics & Performance Program | Pinnacle Performance – Conor Harris
  • Mastering Lower Limb Tendinopathy | Peter Malliaras
  • Strength & Conditioning Level 1 | ASCA
  • First Principle of Movement | Craig Liebenson
  • Powerlifting Fundamentals | JPS
  • Knowledge Translation: Putting Evidence into Practice to Build a Precision Program | First Principles of Movement
  • PEAK Knee Osteoarthritis Course | Melbourne University
  • Mastering Lower Limb Muscle Injuries | The Sports Map
  • Principles of Rehab & Performance | Dr. Daniel Kirkbride
  • Pain Science & What You Need to Know | Clinical Athlete – Jared Maynard
  • Pain in Sport | Beyond Mechanical Pain
  • Level 1 Dry Needling & Cupping | Jon Marshall

Why should you work with us

  • We don’t just treat your symptoms, we address the cause.
  • We work collaboratively with your coach or other professionals you work with.
  • We care about your long term health and success, it is what our reputation is built on.
  • We empower you to take control of your injury or problem, rather than building a dependance upon us.
  • We support and guide you through your journey with open communication to achieve exceptional results.
  • We know what is possible for the body when you work at it and the positive effect it can have in your life, and we want to show you how.